" /> Slow Down Move Over | Recovery Tow Show
28th - 30th September 2021
Telford International Centre
Social Media
Recovery House, Waltham Road, Boreham, Essex, CM33AY
1 Wallace's Lane Boreham England CM3 3AU GB

The “Slow Down or Move Over Safely” campaign has been created to bring awareness to the public about Rescue and Recovery roadside operators, the customers it looks after and the hazards they face on a daily basis.

We have seen far too many unfortunate and devastating situations of injury and loss of life in recent years, as many users of or road network give little if any regard to those who’s place of work it is, and this campaign is set to change that.

The future is to bring awareness of all road workers and work collectively to educate and reduce the dangers as a culture to slow down and move over safely.

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