" /> EV Mobile Solutions Ltd | Recovery Tow Show
28th – 29th September 2022
Telford International Centre

EV Mobile Solutions Ltd

22 North Main Street Telford Pennsylvania 18969 US

Contact: Martin York or John Gavin

In todays world where green issues are now at the forefront of government thinking, the move towards electric vehicles is gaining pace. What does this mean for the recovery industry? Apart from how to deal with an EV in an accident what to do about out of battery situations especially on motorways? The options are limited, its not a good idea to tow an EV as this can cause damage to the vehicle.

Right now the option is to send a large recovery vehicle and carry it to the nearest charging point. EVMS addresses this issue by offering equipment to carry out roadside charging in a relatively short time, sufficient to get the car under its own power to the nearest charging point.

We can provide a full turnkey solution with a fully equipped van or fit out one of your own vans. We can offer either purchase or lease options.


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