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28th – 29th September 2022
Telford International Centre

Essel SK

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Ľupčianska 57, 976 13 Slovenská Ľupča, Slovakia
110/57 Ľupčianska Banskobystrický kraj 976 13 SK

Welcome to THE WORLD OF ESSEL built on quality, reliability and care for the customers!

This is our way.

It starts with the purchase of sheet iron, followed by a lively process that gives the future products their shape. We split, burn, form, weld, shape, assemble and apply the final finish coating. All of this inspires us and embodies our slogan: “Shaping the Future”

History and Milestones

Since 1921, when the brand was first recognized as a local shop selling farming tools, we have been shaping steel with a scope to deliver innovation and precision to the world of manipulation equipment. Celebrate our 100 year anniversary with our reliable products!

  • 1921 – beginnings of the brand, establishment of a small plant for the production of agricultural tools

  • 1970 – decision to start development and production of hydraulic arms

  • 1997 – expansion of the portfolio with the production of towing systems

  • 2014 – transition to new owner and management, radical changes in the company, start of intensive development

  • 2017 – launch of fundamentally innovative products

  • 2020 – investments in technology, research and development of new products reached 4 million-euros in the past 3 years

  • 2021 – ESSEL celebrates 100th anniversary


  • We are a prominent producer of recovery and towing systems, hydraulic cranes and grabs and further manipulation equipment created by our own team of designers.

  • We know that quality is based on tradition, and we are proud of our Slovak products.

  • We are honored of being a partner of first class customers all around the world.

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