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Recovery Tow Show | February 23, 2019

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Buitink Zeilmakerij Duiven BV

Typograaf 1, 6921 VB Duiven, Netherlands
1 Typograaf Duiven Gelderland 6921 VB NL

Buitink Technology is specialized in the development, production and installation of products and turn key solutions where canvas, foil and technical textiles are involved. We focus on area’s of construction, architecture, industry and various other markets where our products have added value to the customer. Truck Recovery is such a market.

Buitink Technology develops and produces lifting systems for salvaging, among others, trucks with trailers, tipper trucks and coaches. The low pressure in the bags and the large contact surface mean there is little risk of damaging an overturned truck. In many cases, bags can be used to right a trailer including the load, without the need for any additional equipment, such as a crane. In other cases, lifting bags can be used in addition to a crane or other equipment. Lifting bags ensure more rapid, effective salvaging, saving man-hours and crane capacity.

In addition to lifting bags, Buitink Technology also produces catch bags, or landing bags, for trucks. These ensure that trucks being salvaged with lifting bags end up nicely on their wheels after the tipping point. Catch bags are therefore entirely separate from the lifting system and many salvage companies use them as an additional aid for salvages in which cranes are deployed.

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