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Recovery Tow Show | June 25, 2017

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Recovery Demonstrations

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Keeping Traffic Moving – Century 1075 Rotator Takes The Strain

Keeping the Police and Highways Agency happy at the scene of an accident isn’t easy. They often put pressure on the operator to get the road open again as quickly as possible to avoid major disruption to the surrounding traffic.

You have probably seen many demonstrations over the years where a rotator picks up a heavy load and moves it around the vehicle – this is all well and good but how often does this happen in real life? For this demo, we wanted to show you something you can’t do with a lorry loader crane. It involves a 75t Rotator assisted by a heavy duty top boom machine and will demonstrate how modern high performance equipment can be employed to keep the traffic moving whilst an in-lane rollover is performed.

An Economical But VERY Capable Machine!

Many operators up and down the country are realizing that a 4 wheeler with its lower running costs would be a very useful addition to their fleet.  Whilst having only a single axle at the rear can limit the legal lift and tow performance, they are often shorter and more maneuverable than a 6 wheeler and are often used to move things like motorhomes, limousines, horse boxes etc. So what happens if you have to move an 8 wheeler?  Can it be moved legally using the 4 wheeler or do you have to send out another truck?  This demo will show you one way to get the job done – quickly and simply without having a driver in the casualty vehicle.

Quick – The Owner Is Coming Back!

Have you ever needed to get in, pick up and get gone quickly? If you’ve seen programs such as Lizard Lick Towing or even had experience of doing repossession work yourself then you have probably seen this equipment before. The F450 chassis which is often associated with this equipment has been a popular seller throughout Europe but due to changes to type approval is no longer available in the UK. Whilst you can’t import an American vehicle anymore, the same equipment may still be fitted to a European chassis and we thought you may like to see it in action again – getting in, picking up and getting away quickly – all without getting out of the cab!

Don’t Just Haul – Recover!

When it comes to moving incapacitated tractor-trailers, coaches, cranes or any other difficult or even burned out casualty – you’ll probably need a trailer.  In this demonstration, you will see the features and benefits of a specialized recovery trailer over a standard haulage unit when it is used to recover a heavy incapacitated vehicle. You will also find out why 4 axles are better than 3, find out how it operates and learn how to get the most out of the unit.

Come And See The Latest Safety Features Built Into A Fully Compliant Rotator!

With the latest legislation comes another new challenge for both manufacturers of recovery equipment as well as operators. Rotators are very large complex pieces of machinery that require recovery vehicle manufacturers to comply with a number of standards to ensure the equipment can be operated safely. As with many lorry loader cranes (which aren’t as complicated or as capable as a rotator), safety features built into the machinery can sometimes seem to restrict the operator.  In this demo we will show you the latest safety features, how they work and how to work with them to get the job done!

The Anatomy And Features Of The Latest Heavy Duty Underlift

With modern vehicles getting lower and lower (and also more costly to repair if things go wrong), you need to be confident that your underlift is heavy duty enough to get the job done.  With low casualties, you will often see operators fully extend the boom in order to use the lowest sections and give themselves some clearance but what happens next?  How do you retract the casualty when you have heavy loads on the underlift? Can you power tilt the load to give a little more clearance?  What happens to your clearance when you try and drive up a slope into a depot?  Come and find out for yourself and have a look at the solution!

How Low Can You Go?

If you could only have a single type of slidebed on your fleet would you have one with a very low approach or a conventional bed? In this demonstration, we will show you a 12t crew cab vehicle fitted with a very low approach angle slidebed being used to load a casualty with a  long overhang – something you probably experience quite often. We will then discuss the merits of both very low and conventional slidebeds so you can see which best suits your business.

How To Train Young Drivers

With the current licensing laws young drivers have to take an additional test before they can drive anything bigger that a 3.5t GVW vehicle. Here is one piece of equipment that they can drive straight away and earn you money whilst learning the skills they need before moving to a larger vehicle.  This demo will see a small slidebed being used to load a motorcycle – quickly, easily and only using one man to get the job done.