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Recovery Tow Show | February 25, 2020

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Tow Show hosts the All Industry Display Team

Paul Gregory

– and we’re doing it a little bit different this year . . . 

Yes, the team has been at it again scouring the UK for the best ideas and implementing some of the ideas that operators have requested. Use that Rotator to its full extent and take it to the extreme; King Kong versus Godzilla on show at Telford; go back to the future and see what we can do with a four-wheeler; working in London recovering hybrid buses? . . . we’ll show you how to do it!

I said things would be a little different this year but John Coupland, Nick Ovenden and Boniface have really pulled out the stops to use the All Industry Display Team to demonstrate the recoveries that have caused you the most trouble. The Tow Show Team are geared up for a Demonstration that will be different and informative – it is well worth seeing but here is the running order for you to peruse.


Have you ever wondered whether a Rotator or a large lorry loader crane is the best way to go? Come and watch an epic battle between a huge 80 ton lorry loader crane and a mighty 75 ton Rotator as they are put through their paces in some tough recovery situations.

Witness EXTREME Recovery by the All Industry Display Team using a Rotator

A tanker has been involved in a RTC with a car, trapping the car underneath the chassis of the tanker which has remained on its wheels. It’s a busy two lane road out of a small town and there’s limited room on the road. The Police want to keep one lane moving and so a rotator pulls up in front of the tanker in the same lane and has to carry out a full lift over the rear, allowing the car to be removed quickly using a Century Express. It’s a challenging and unusual recovery – will they pull it off?

Can you ROTATE a Skip Lorry that has flipped onto its roof?

Narrowly avoiding an oncoming vehicle, the driver of a skip lorry careered up a bank at the side of the road skillfully missing the oncoming vehicle, tipping his skip lorry over in the process and coming to a standstill upside down in his cab.  Come and see how the All Industry Display Team tackle the problem using a Rotator to flip the casualty through 180 degrees in mid-air and put it back on its wheels.

To Steer or not to REAR steer – that’s the question.

At some point in time you will have had to manoeuver a casualty that you’re towing into a tight yard or through some narrow streets, but have you ever wondered what difference a rear steel axle would make to a heavy recovery vehicle?  At this year’s Show, the team will be using a 6×2 underlift   to demonstrate just what a difference a rear steer axle can make. Come and watch it in action and judge for yourself if it would make a useful addition to your fleet.

Five things you didn’t know you could do with a 3.5 ton GVW slidebed

With fuel being a major cost to the recovery industry, it’s not surprising that many operators run some smaller vehicles in their fleet which offer much higher MPG figures than their larger vehicles.  At just 3.5 ton GVW, there is no need for Operators License, no speed limiter, no Tachograph requirements and they can be driven by anyone with a car license.

Gone in 60 seconds

Find out just how quickly our team of industry professionals can remove a car using a Century Express underlift. The challenge is to get in, lift the car and be gone in less than 60 seconds without leaving the cab of the truck.

The all industry display team go ‘Back To The Future’

If you were to jump into Doc Brown’s time machine shoot back in time and witness the birth of the four wheeler recovery vehicle. These units were often exceptional lift and tow performers and used to recover almost anything, but over the years became less common due to stringent rules governing axle weights and capacities.

Reset the dial to 2015 and you’ll find that as a result of higher fuel prices and greater vehicle running costs four wheelers are becoming more popular again, but are now available with greater recovery capability than ever before . . .

You’ve got to roll with it!

This isn’t something you see or do every day! You get sent to retrieve a van and are told it requires a full lift. What they failed to tell you was that the van is on its side – so armed with your trusty slidebed and lorry loader crane what should you do?

Learn how to keep control of the situation

The All Industry Display Team demonstrate the use of a recovery vehicle fitted with a  top recovery boom, rear stiff legs and twin winches to carry out the controlled roll over of a curtain sided vehicle.

A new breed of bus is coming –  are you ready?

Already a familiar sight in London, these new hybrid buses will soon be delivered throughout the rest of the UK and pose yet another challenge for the recovery operator. The All Industry Display Team will demonstrate what’s required to load and move these new Hybrids and after the demonstration there will be a chance to take a look at one for yourself and talk to the people who currently move them.

A few words from Boniface

Come and learn something from the team at the Tow Show, there will be something for all to see. There will be the opportunity to get close to some of vehicles after the demo’s and look at the axle weights and performance data. For those new to the profession there is the opportunity to see some extreme situations and become better prepared for jobs that are not seen every day. If you want to keep ahead in a competitive market visit the Tow Show and learn something.