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Recovery Tow Show | April 19, 2019

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Take a fresh look at return loads

Take a fresh look at return loads
Paul Gregory

New industry initiative gets the green light from Andy Lambert and the new initiative will be on show at the Brooklands Roadshow.

For many years, those involved at the ‘sharp end’ of vehicle recovery have known that if they string two jobs together they can turn an unprofitable job into a profitable one. Some have even tried to link up with other operators and in small way, managed to make the odd return load work.
Over the years there have been several attempts to turn it into something bigger. Well-intentioned as they were, none of those who tried have hit on a successful formula. This is because most have underestimated the size of the task, the amount of investment needed and the large number of safeguards that must be built into a return loads network.
Concerned about how hard things have become in the industry, Andy Lambert and a few recovery friends met with a company called Transport Exchange Group earlier this year. They wanted to see if this outside company was prepared to make the investment needed to produce a working solution. The reason Transport Exchange was chosen, was because of their 15 years’ experience in both the haulage and courier markets and their expertise and experience in running virtual market places.
Transport Exchange agreed to look at what was needed and to use their specialist knowledge to develop a Vehicle and Recovery Exchange Platform for use in the industry. Andy agreed to come out of retirement and manage the project, using his years of experience as both a recovery operator and someone with a track record of introducing computer technology to the industry.
The initial group of members has now grown to some 25 recovery operators (mostly around London) who will shortly be testing the platform; this will help Transport Exchange fine-tune it, to meet the recovery operators’ needs.
Andy Lambert spoke to David Gregory and said: “You know me David – I would have not got involved in this if I did not think we could make it work for the benefit of the industry. With the introduction of Driver CPC it is even more important to make best use of the assists you have. A ‘returning empty’ truck is of no use to anyone, as Richard Goddard of Automania often says: ‘We are fast becoming the world’s greatest experts at moving fresh air around.’”
Andy then added: “The things’ that appeals to me about Transport Exchange is that they are prepared to listen to the operators; they understand what parts of our industry are unique and are taking the time to understand them. They are fiercely independent and big enough not to be influenced by the motoring organisations.”
The finished product will be called Vehicle and Recovery Exchange and those of you who attend the Professional Recovery Roadshow at Brooklands in Weybridge on the April 29 will be able find out more.
Anyone wanting to know more can get in contact with Andy, or go to or you can take a trip to the Roadshow and speak to Andy and the team about the prospects.