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Recovery Tow Show | March 26, 2019

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A message to the whole recovery industry

A message to the whole recovery industry

AVRO have stated on a recent newsletter that they will not be exhibiting at this year’s Tow Show saying that ‘the Show no longer reflects the interests of the independent recovery operator’.

Professional Recovery Editor Dave Gregory responds

They go on to state that ‘at time when independent recovery operators are suffering from constant increases in their costs, while receiving less income from the motoring organisations and from contracts which benefit intermediaries more than the actual operator, we feel there is a need for a more radical approach’.

ALL the trade associations have been encouraged to attend the Tow Show with attractive discounts offered for exhibiting. RHA Recovery, RRRA and the Professional Recovery Drivers Club (PRDC) have all agreed to attend this year’s show and SVRA and LARO also received invitations. We have also offered space to SURVIVE and to ERRI.

The Tow Show is an opportunity for everyone in the industry to showcase their services and to meet their members and customers. It is non-political and open to anyone to attend.

In turn I attend all the initiatives and shows of the associations, it is a privilege to be able to do so and I rarely turn down any invitations to attend.

AVRO’s decision is bewildering in the extreme and at best fails to represent its members professionally. Tow Shows, whether they be AVRO-EX or the European Tow Show or the RRRA Show or even Truck Fests are dependent on support from all stakeholders in the industry.

In the past the biggest supporter of AVRO-EX was Green Flag and dear old Brian Hagan. Green Flag continue to sponsor the RRRA Show.

This year’s Tow Show derives support from many sponsors: Shawbrook Bank, FMG, AA, RAC, RED, RTR and in previous years we have also had great support from Green Flag.

Is AVRO saying to their members ‘we cannot support the Tow Show because we don’t want to be seen to be supporting work providers?’

AVRO are part of the Federation of Recovery Operator Associations (FOVRA) which has recently set up a private company to tender for future contracts in direct competition to work providers. I don’t see that as the role of a trade association and consider it a dangerous field for trade associations to be moving into. It has the potential for destroying relationships between its members and work suppliers and at a time when it is difficult for operators to get and retain work, could prove disastrous for its members.

I believe we need to work together. We need to improve dialogue and understanding. I believe that the work providers do an amazing job in professionalising our industry but I also believe there is room for give and take. I also believe that without dialogue we have nothing.

The rhetoric coming from AVRO worries me. We already have a fragmented industry in terms of representation – these latest words from AVRO could well be the death knell for our industry!

Everyone is welcome at the Tow Show; it is open to anyone who recovers or transports vehicles; it is open to anyone who supplies our industry with services – it is open to ALL and you are ALL welcome!

Thursday & Friday 11-12 September 2014 · Telford International Centre