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Recovery Tow Show | December 14, 2018

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RISC – the industry charity for you all!

James Baylis

In a few weeks’ time the Tow Show will be opening its doors to the public in the annual two day extravaganza celebrating all that is good about the UK recovery industry.

Many of you will know that the show also highlights and raises funds for the work of RISC, the independent industry charity.

It was in 2005 at the European Tow Show at Telford that Nikki King, managing director of Isuzu Truck UK, stood up and proposed a new independent charity for the industry and RISC was born! The lights went out (due to a local power failure) but Nikki, in indomitable spirit stood on a chair and carried on with her speech by candlelight – to rapturous applause!


Nine years on and now freshly-retired from running Isuzu Truck, Nikki took advantage of a Freudian slip by Dave Gregory, and took up the invitation to join the board of trustees of RISC. Incidentally, the four original trustees are still in place, now alongside Nikki.

RISC was set up to support recovery operators who are injured or killed in the course of their inherently dangerous work and over this period of time we have assisted many of you who have been injured in action, we have also in this time assisted the dependents of those who were unfortunately killed as a result of incidents in the work place.

This has only been made possible by the generous donations received from all in the recovery industry, and you all receive our heartfelt thanks; the income from RISC is derived wholly from the fund raising activities that you the recovery clubs, agents and suppliers raise.

Our grateful thanks also go to Paul Gregory and the rest of the team of the Tow Show for their continuing support over the many years, and we must not forget Dave Gregory, the editor of Professional Recovery for all his help and assistance in promoting the aims and objectives of RISC.

How do you contact RISC if you are in need of help? For this we are grateful to the IVR who act as a first point of contact. A call to their office with your details and they in turn contact us. Once the facts are established we are able to assist by providing some financial assistance until the insurance for the accident is provided.

Who is covered? You are – if you are employed in the recovery industry by a company which has PAS 43 or similar standards and are involved in an incident which causes you to be unable to continue your normal employment leading to a loss of income.

What happens next?  We will contact your employer to access the full details of the incident and the financial implications, and where necessary will arrange for moneys to be made available until the insurance company investigate the accident and pays up. We will always try to pay you in hard cash so it is immediately available.

As a charity this is a gift from our donors, it does not have to be repaid when your insurance claim comes through. As a charity it is the duty of the trustees to see that all the money from the donors is spent wisely, and all we expect from you is that you honour the trust that we place in you and the recovery industry.

Finally, thank you once again to all of you who have continued to support RISC. It has been a great success and has helped countless people in the industry in its nine years. The Tow Show is once again making RISC its preferred charity and will be the focus of the Gala Charity Dinner once again.

The Tow Show is a great place for us all to meet and enjoy each other’s company and it does bring benefits to those who need it – so please support the show and RISC.


Tom Johnson, RISC