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Recovery Tow Show | March 26, 2019

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New J&J pair for National Rescue

New J&J pair for National Rescue
Paul Gregory

National Rescue is a family business that has been serving motorists in the West Midlands for well over 20 years. The benefits of the recent amalgamation with another West Midlands operator, Ridgacre Motor Services, has given National the confidence to invest and expand despite the challenging conditions faced by our industry.
The business is led by father and son Steve and Mark Macklin who are very much hands-on owners on both the roadside assistance side of the business as well as their two busy workshop sites offering MOT, servicing and repairs.

Steve and Mark had been considering VRS-type equipment for some time, and after seeing the complete vehicles on the J&J stand at the recent Professional Recovery Towshow, decided it was time to take the plunge. Mark explained their reasons for choosing J&J “The thing that impressed us most with the J&J equipment is the quality of the engineering. The visit to the factory to see the VRS units being built and the vehicles being put together was a real eye-opener. It gave us the confidence that we were buying complete purpose-built vehicles rather than just pieces of equipment bolted into a van. We were so impressed that we decided to have one each!”
Having run the vehicles for a couple of months now, Steve and Mark are both delighted with their vehicles. “We have already seen really significant fuel savings and are able to get around quicker which helps us be more productive. We definitely see VRS becoming a bigger part of our fleet in future, with the savings and efficiencies helping us to re-invest in our business” said Steve.
The investment in the two new vehicles has also had some unexpected side benefits. Mark explained “For many customers, the first impression of our business they get is when we turn up at the roadside. We are obviously focused on repair at the roadside, but where this has not been practical, the image our new vehicles portray means customers are much more confident in having their repairs carried out at our workshops, especially those who don’t know us”.