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Recovery Tow Show | March 26, 2019

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John Coupland – a very popular winner!

  • On November 22, 2012

John Coupland was awarded the Britannia Lifetime Achievement Award by Steve Holland of Britannia in front of a packed room of dinner guests at the Charity Gala Dinner at the Tow Show.

Dave Gregory, editor of Professional Recovery magazine, told the audience that this year’s recipient had spent a lifetime in the garage and recovery industry.

John Coupland was a very popular winner of the 2012 award. He has been in the industry since he was a young man but he has led a very varied life starting with a love of stock car racing. He went on to become a top driver and one of the UK’s premier promoters of the sport when it was at its height of popularity.

He started in the industry running petrol forecourts and graduated into recovery like many other operators a generation ago. But John built one of the most successful recovery businesses on the south coast in Castle Recovery.

He became a very successful businessman with an eye for a deal but he never lost touch with his fellow recovery operators and has devoted many hours to duties outside his commercial business interests.

He was a major contributor to the RAC Contractors Panel and has been a member of the RHA Recovery committee since its inception.

When asked to join the R Licence sub-committee of ERRI he willingly volunteered and ended up writing the consultative document.

He has a devoted wife Aileen and two sons who now help him run his latest business empire Castle Hire.

John is very well-known for fronting and organising many recovery demonstrations including the Tow Show and it is very difficult to find someone who has a negative comment about him.

Dave ended his eulogy by saying that at a time when he should be spending more time with his wife, family and grandchildren, John is still trying to help guide the fortunes of other,  three years after he sold his recovery business to Boarhunt.